CULTURE & TOURISM TEMPLES Hyewonjeongsa Temple

Hyewonjeongsa Temple

혜원정사(慧苑精舍) 이미지
  • Temple NameHewonjeongsa Temple
  • Location47, 68 beon-gil, Gobun-ro (Hyewonjeongsa in Yeonsan-dong)
  • Cultural PropertyPalsangdo at Hyewonjeongsa (City Cultural Artifact No. 9)


If anyone looks for enlightenment by learning Buddhism, there are three things to learn: “Gye”, “Jeong”, and “Hye”, i.e., the three teachings.

Hewonjeongsa was founded with a view to accomplishing these 3 teachings on the slope of Mybongsan, Yeonsan-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan. It is the main temple for missionary work around Busan. Hewonjeongsa, which is elegantly located on the slope of Mybongsan, where you can overlook the disciples of Buddha, is a rare example of urban missionary work successfully functioning despite its’ short history.