Names and jurisdictions of administrative operation “dong” and the number of dong office chiefs

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Dong as specified in law Number of Dong Office Chiefs Administrative Operation Dong
Dong as specified in lawNumber of Dong Office ChiefsAdministrative Operation Dong
Geoje-dong 4 Geoje 1-dong, Geoje 2-dong, Geoje 3-dong, Geoje 4-dong
Yeonsan-dong 8 Yeonsan 1-dong, Yeonsan 2-dong, Yeonsan 3-dong, Yeonsan 4-dong,
Yeonsan 5-dong, Yeonsan 6-dong, Yeonsan 7-dong, Yeonsan 8-dong,
Yeonsan 9-dong


Geoje-dong got the name of Geoje-ri by combining geo of Geopyeong-ri and je ofDaeje-ri in 1914 during the Period of Japanese Occupation. The name “Geoje” originated from Geobeol-ri, which means a large field. It was called Geoje-ri, which means the village with a large dam preventing the flood of Geoje Stream. It became Geoje-dong in administrative reorganization.


Yeonsan-dong is laid out in and around Baesan. Long time ago, it was a low swamp and had a lot of water lilies. Moving towards Baesan, Hwangryeongsan is a mountainous area. Ancient records state is that they named it Yeonsan after the series of mountains or Geumryeonsan. However, Yeonsan-dong has changed and developed tremendously so folks cannot even find the traces of the old times.