Lively Yonje, the city you would want to live in.

Let’s make it happen ! Yonje a happy place!

"Hello everyone, I am Lee Seong-moon, the Mayor of Yeonje Gu, welcome to Yeonje-gu website!"

In this 7th period of the Resident Line, we are aiming together with you to an improved educational environment and residential safety' , ‘A better and richer lifestyle all together with heroic residents.

With 'New improvements aiming at a happiness overflow', my main aspiration as mayor is to serve with the biggest humility without losing in any ways the initial intention.

Our team and myself will always listen to all voices alike big and small ones, with an open mind and concern. We will work hard to make your wish happen and the hope in your livelihood with strict responsibility and sincerity.

Dear Residents! Dear netizens! I and my team would like to sincerely encourage you and thank you for your uninterrupted interest and positive participation today, tomorrow and forever.

Mayor of Yeonje-gu Lee Sung Moon